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I’m New, What Is Dubturbo?

Basically, Dubturbo is a beat making software package that allows you to make music beats like a professional producer. As well as that you can even take your creations and burn them onto CD!

With the training videos and how to guides, Dubturbo also shows you how to make money selling your beats!

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  • Dubturbo 2.0 Software Package
  • Dubturbo VSTi – All 5 VST’s Included
  • 24/7 Access To The Online Version Included – HOT feature! – FREE
  • Training Videos – How to produce HITS in minutes – FREE
  • 14 Premium Sample Packs – Amazing premium! $449 – FREE
  • Movie & Mood Royalty Free Tracks – Scene/mood $199 – FREE
  • DT & ArtOfBeats Instrumentals – Royalty Free beats $249 – FREE
  • DUBturbo SAMPLOID – PC only – Sampler, make your own Romplers – FREE
  • DUBturbo NORBOX – PC only – Mastering & Effects Unit – FREE
  • DUBturbo WUBWUB – PC only – Make your own wub wubs & bass FREE
  • DUBturbo PREAMP – PC only – Gritty distortion & power pre amp – FREE
  • Accappellas Bonus – Holly Staruch Accappellas & Bonus Voxes – FREE
  • *NEW :: DUBturbo Producer Contest Entry – (Comes with purchase only)
  • *NEW :: WUBWUB & Wobble Sample Kits – DUBSTEP KITSFREE

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Now’s your chance to sound like a PRO and make beats on your computer like you could never imagine WITH EASE! Dubturbo is designed for those who are just starting out – the complete beginner, but also has the advanced features that high end music software offer.

But why the low price? We must be crazy right?

Well, we may be a little crazy but that’s a good thing. Here is the real reason why we offer such a low, heavily discounted price compared to other beat making software – We Want Everyone To Be Able To Make Music So They Can Unleash Their True Talents.

It’s true, it’s not about the money and never has been because our team are so passionate about music that we would love for everyone to be able to try our software – Dubturbo 3.0

We guarantee you are going to love it because all the frustration is out the window, it’s just so easy to use. In fact, our software is now recognized in schools, music classes and has been recommended by some big named music producers.

We’ve also been getting thousands of positive reviews and testimonials from all around the world. Dubturbo is here to stay and if you give it a try, we guarantee you’ll be hooked.

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So, What Is Dubturbo?

Check out the video below, this will give you an inside look and better understanding of what Dubturbo 2.0 is and how to use it..

Here is just a small list of music you can make with Dubturbo 2.0

  • Rock n’ Roll
  • Alternative
  • Dubstep – Wobbles n Bass
  • Rap
  • Hip Hop
  • Jazz
  • Reggae
  • R&B
  • Punk Rock
  • Classical
  • Hard Rock
  • Techno
  • Disco
  • Grunge and much much more

That’s right, you can make extra money or even a full time income selling your own beats – Thousands of our members already do so..

So, jump on board and join a community that will help you create the music you’ve always wanted to that will not only sound awesome, but send that shiver down your spine!

REMEMBER: This discount will not last for ever, the price is expected to go up at any time.

Grab your discount offer and all the features now!

Not interested? We know our software won’t be for everyone so we’ve made a list of reputable and trusted beat makers that can do the job, even knowing our software rocks we want you to be happy either way.

Check out the list on our best beat making software page , We’ve tried them all and their all highly recommended. Enjoy and good luck on your journey to the top!

6 thoughts on “Claim Your Dubturbo Discount And Save Big $$$

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Eric,

      Yes, you can make dubstep with Dubturbo. The latest version has lots of features and effects to make dubstep. It was one of the most requested feature in Dubturbo 2.5

      Dubturbo 4.0 is almost ready for release. LOTS more features, sounds and a new look but they will be putting the price up!

      If you’re going to buy Dubturbo 3.0 buy it now while the discount is still active. That way you’ll get 4.0 free when it’s released 😀

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