Beat Creator

So, you’re looking for a beat creator or maybe you want to learn how to create your own beats?

Lucky you, because I’m going to share something special with you that helped me not only learn how to make beats but something that also gave me a second income!

Not many people know this but did you know you can make money < real money from making and selling beats? For those who didn’t know, it’s true!

Don’t worry, I never even thought about selling my beats until I bought this really cool beat generator software called DUBTurbo 4.0 All I wanted to do was make some beats in my spare time.

Because I’m a member of DUBTurbo, they send me an email when they update their software and when they add new things to the members area. Anyway, the email I got pretty much changed my life because now I make more money than what I do in my day job.

When you become a VIP platinum member, you get a guide that teaches you how to sell your beats. At first I thought it would be hard or even a lot of work, BUT I soon found out that it was dead easy!

I’m only making a couple hundred dollars a week(I only do it as a hobby), but some guys in the members area are making thousands!

Enough about that, you can learn how to make money from the ebook you get when you order the VIP Platinum package. If not and you only want the beat creator software then check out the DUBTurbo home page for more info.

Best Beat Creator

As you can tell I’m in love with DUBTurbo, but hey it’s not going to be everyones cup of tea. So, I also made a list of the best beat making software or the top 5 that I would recommend anyway. Be sure to check it out there is some really cool programs in that list for both Mac and Windows computers.

Ohhh, in case you’re wondering if you’ll be any good at selling beats – you’ll only know if you give it a go.


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