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dubstep beat makersNow it’s possible for anyone to make thumping hip hop beats online with beat making software.

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The Best and Most Affordable Beat Making Software Available Online!

Dubturbo can help you make the most of your talent, and can help you become a master beat maker in a shorter period of time.

Most newbie’s to hip hop beats, are making beats online now with this awesome beat making software; and that’s great because this technology allows more of us to get going without taking out a major loan to develop our raw talent.

dubturbo imageDubturbo was introduced to me by a good friend who is a pretty good beat maker.  Ok, he just happens to be better than me…but not for long.

He told me one day that he had something to show me after our latest jam session.  I’m all about the free beats, so I was all over the invitation.

So we saddle up to the computer and he logs onto the internet.  In just a few seconds he’s got me staring at the Dubturbo beat making software and I am in awe.

Why?  Because I’ve tried so many software programs, I can see immediately that I can get into some serious beat making using this program!  I couldn’t wait to hop on and take it for a spin!

What I noticed right away was that if I were to compare this online software to the professional way to make beats, I would find it limited.

However, because I had already used other online software programs, I knew how to compare apples with apples. Remember, not all beat making software has to be that complicated; and it really shouldn’t be!

So what I could see right off the bat was that Dubturbo has all the music mixing essentials that I wasn’t finding in a lot of the other online beat making software sites.

Not only is this program super easy to use, but Dubturbo also has a music sequencer with sixteen tracks; with each one featuring its own separate set of volume controls.  Big Deal!

The other thing I noticed within a few minutes of playing around is that this music making software has a whole world of variety.

With other sites I have used, the quantity and quality of the samples I was getting were not so great.  Samples are necessary for all of us who have a passion to take our talent up up and away; and I needed more.

Dubturbo has an extensive library full of samples that are of very high quality.  Are your eyebrows rising yet?

I already said that I had been struggling with the whole job of reading user guides from other forms of beat making software; so I set out to see how different Dubturbo would be on this front.  It won; plain and simple.

With video tutorials, my bookworm days are through.  Hallelujah!

Now are you ready for the best part?  The other issue I mentioned I had was that of funding.  I want to have control over my tracks and my music, and I also don’t want to pay a load of fees to a music producer at this point in time.  So the cost of Dubturbo was another HUGE draw for me.

There aren’t many free sites out there that are worth anything at all.  And any other sites that have half a leg to stand on have monthly fees.

Ok, this isn’t the worst thing in the world (until you double it with limited capabilities).

But with Dubturbo beat making software, I was floored when my buddy told me he paid a one-time fee of about thirty bucks using this discount for Dubturbo.

Here’s what I did.  I went straight to the checkout, man!  If there’s one thing I have learned in my 24 years on this earth; it’s that you gotta get in while the gettin’s good!

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