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dubstep beat makersIf you’re on this page then chances are you’re looking for some dubstep making software. Before you read on there is one thing you might want to know – not all music software has the features to create dubstep wobbles and bass drops.

Now that I have that out of the way, there is one software that makes making dubstep super easy and it’s called Dubturbo. You’ve probably already heard of it before because it is very popular and has some pretty good reviews.

Reason why I bring Dubturbo up is because it’s the most affordable choice available, it sells for only $39.95(but you can save 10% using this discount). Dubturbo released their VSTi and VSTs just a few months back making it the peoples choice for dubstep making software.

Designed for beginners it’s very easy to use and takes only minutes to get started. Once downloaded you can create beats using the standalone then load up the VST and start creating wobbles like a boss!

There are other dubstep beat makers of cause and one other than Dubturbo is FL Studio. Now if you’re a beginner I really don’t recommend using FL Studio because #1 it does cost $199 and #2 it’s fairly hard to use, especially making dubstep.

FL Studio has been out for a decade and is probably one of the most used music software on the net. With that said, I do know a LOT of people that are new to music production that have given up because FL Studio was just to hard to use.

The best part aboout FL Studio is it does come with a free trial(with limited features). Last I checked it was a 30 day trial. This is why I always recommend the easier alternative – Dubturbo. It’s cheaper and has all the features the big boys have.

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  1. Billy

    I just downloaded the software and been making some pretty good beats, slowly learning how to make dubstep and was wondering is it worth buying dubstep samples or should I just learn to make my own?

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