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dubstep software

meWant to be the next Skrillex?

Well, now you can by using any of the following dubstep making software. Below is our top 5 list of the best dubstep makers.

In no particular order:

1. FL Studio – It’s been around for years and is still popular with lots of big named artist using it. Geared towards advanced users.
(Price Range = $199-$250) Click For Best Price

2. Dubturbo < With their new VST version Dubstep is easier than ever to create. You can also use the VSTs with the other software listed here. Great for beginners.
(Price Range = $39.95 – $199) Click For Best Price Super Deal ✓✓✓

3. Cubase – You can do just about anything with this baby. More geared towards professional dubstep producers.
(Price Range= $399-$450) Click For Best Price

4. Ableton Live – Professional music software that allows you to make more than just Dubstep. It does come with a price tag though and geared towards advanced users. (Price = $330-$397) Click For Best Price

5. Logic Pro – Need Dubstep making software for your Mac? Well, if you have the budget then Logic Pro is for you. Amazing app!
(Price Range = Over $700)
 Click For Best Price

Choosing Dubstep Making Software That’s Right For YOU!

Lets face it, everyone is different and has different preferences so not everyone will like the same program as another. This is the soul reason we put this list together, so you can check out what’s available and determine which will suit your needs.

When choosing Dubstep software or any kind of music making software always read the description, the list of features and if there is a trial download it and give it a try. Not all software will offer trials or free downloads but they should always offer some kind of refund. This way if you don’t like the program you simply contact them and ask for your money back.

Another thing to think about is, does the software offer tutorials or training videos or is there videos on how to make dubstep on popular sites like youtube.com ? You will also want to be able to have the feature of importing your own kits – this way you can either make your own kits or buy them. Nothing worse than wanting to add new sounds when you can’t.

You should also make sure your computer can run the software, so be sure to check out the system requirements before you buy. This will save you from either wasting your money and time or from having to upgrade your machine.

One last thing to think about is, what level of expertise do you have? Are you a beginner who is just starting out, are you an advanced producer who uses music software all the time or are you somewhere in between? Some of the programs listed above can fairly difficult to learn. If you are just starting out and have never touched a music program before, I recommend trying the cheaper alternative – Dubturbo because it’s easy to use and wont break your budget.


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