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Thinking about buying Dubturbo?

If so, chances are you’ve done a little research and already looked at some Dubturbo review sites. The only problem is they all seem to be trying to sell Dubturbo(which makes you think – are they being paid to review the software)

The whole purpose of this website is to protect people of scams or rip offs. We actually buy the software we review and our reviewing process is extremely thorough.

Tyrone’s Dubturbo Review

Tyrone's Dubturbo Review

What’s up good people, my name is Tyrone and thank you for reading my DUB Turbo review. I’m not really one to talk shit or beat around the bush so I’m a just get straight to the point.

Is DUBTurbo worth your money?

worth the money?I paid $29.95 using this discount link, normally it sells from $39.95 and up depending if they are having a sale. I can honestly say it was money well spent and they do give you what is promised. There is a LOT of hype on the website sales page but surprisingly they did deliver the goods.

Is Dubturbo 4.0 easy to use?

Possibly the easiest beat making software that I have ever used and their video tutorials are very helpful. I also like how they are consistently updating their software with new features.

I hear their next update is going to be pretty big because they are adding more features for people who make dubstep. Apparently they are adding more editing options for bass wobbles and effects.

For $29.95 you can’t really go wrong with this beat maker.

Does the software have any known bugs?

I’ve actually been using Dubturbo for around 6months now and over that 6month period I have come across a few minor bugs in their software. The first bug I found was the looping function was off a tiny bit. I emailed their support team and told them about it and they fixed it pretty fast which was great.

A few weeks later I noticed the more sound kits I imported into the software it would become very slow and sometimes freeze up. Once again this was fixed up after I sent an email to their support team.

Other than that so far so good and it’s great that their customer support is up to par. They normally answer your emails within 2-3 hours.

Are the sound kits any good?

dubturbo soundkitDubturbo comes with lots of sound kits already installed and I was surprised how good they are. In fact I have paid hundreds of dollars for sound kits in the past which where not as good, so if you’re like me I would pay the $29.95 just for the sound kits.

You can also import your own kits which is awesome, I love this feature to death. If you’re anything like me then you’ll also love this feature because you will always want fresh sounds.

Do they offer a money back guarantee?
money back gaurantee

Yes, they do have a 60 day money back guarantee which is backed up by clickbank.com so you know you will get your money back if you wish to do so.


Conclusion and final thoughts.

If you’re new to making beats then DUBTurbo is definitely for you. Don’t pay full price though use this discount link and save $10.

Rating: DUBTurbo Beat Maker

My DUBTurbo review is fairly positive because it truly is a good beat maker for the price. I made my money back many times by selling my beats at places like soundclick and audiodaddy.com so really you have nothing to lose.

I really like how they update the software on a regular basis. All updates are free, however I think they will be putting the price up after their next update but those who buy now or are already members will not have to pay extra.

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