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dubturbo-beat-makerIf you want to make beats online then you’ve come to the right place. I’m going to show you the best online beat maker and it’s under 40 bucks!

There is a lot of really good beat makers out there but I’ve used this one and it’s by far the best and most easiest to use, without any annoying bugs that the freebies have.

It’s the only thing I use when making my beats these days and comes with thousands of sounds and samples already built in.

Please keep reading to find out how to get a discount!

It’s called Dubturbo and they offer both a download and an online version which is very handy. I use both, depending on where I am. It’s really cool because when I visit friends or feel like dropping a beat somewhere – anywhere I can access the net I can. Simply log in to the members area and BOOM I can make beats on my laptop, computer or iPad.

BUT, don’t buy it from the home page, check out the promo page they still have up from their version 3.0 launch. It still works! Click here to check out the promo page and save $10 and also get $400 worth of bonuses FREE!

Have a read through all the features – there is a tonne and it’s only like $34.99 using the promo discount page. What ever kind of music you’re into making, you can make it with Dubturbo. Make your own hip hop, rap, techno, dubstep, reggae, house – whatever!

The reason why I only use and recommend Dubturbo is because they always update their software and when they do, they send out heaps of cool freebies or soundkits..I also love how they have the online beat maker version and the option to download. I have it installed on my Mac but use the online beat maker all the time.

I’m always showing off my beats to my friends and family and when they see how easy it is to make a beat with Dubturbo, they normally buy it as well. The other good thing is, you don’t need no fancy computer or studio because Dubturbo runs on pretty much any computer. You can check out the Dubturbo system requirements here

Ok, so here are some screen shots and a video of Dubturbo’s online beat maker in action –

best-online-beat-maker-screen-2 online-beat-making-software-screen-1


Here’s a Dubturbo video –


You just have to listen to these cool beats on this page they are Sick Beats!!


So, if you’re looking for an online beat making solution then I would definitely go for Dubturbo or something that has the same features. Try and avoid free beat makers because they will just leave you frustrated because they don’t have the features and sounds you need to make quality tracks like you can with Dubturbo.

Enjoy and Peace out!

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