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Download and Use Dubturbo Beat Making Software TodayIf you’re looking for beat making software, then you’ve come to the right place. Not only will you find the best beat maker software, you’ll find the best prices to match.

Below are all the latest posts on beat making software from how to use software, what to look for in a good beat maker and how to use popular programs like Dubturbo.

Software To Make Beats

If you’re looking for software to make beats, then you’ve found the right place. Dubturbo 4.0 is a beat making program that you can install on your computer (Mac or PC) and it’s what most people use these days to make their own music.

Dubturbo Screenshots

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It’s been around for some time now and because it’s so affordable (under $40 click here for a discount) it’s one of the most popular programs to make beats. Other programs can cost hundreds of dollars but honestly there is no real reason why you need to spend that kind of money on a beat maker?

Especially when you compare them together. Dubturbo comes pre-loaded with 1000’s of sounds and effects where the more expensive programs only come with a couple of hundred – if you need more you have to pay more.

The other good thing about Dubturbo is it has all the features you need to make any style or genre of music. No need to buy extra plugins or extensions. I think the other reason why Dubturbo is so popular these days is because it’s so easy to use – very little to no frustrations.

If you’ve tried using software to make beats before or any kind of music software then you probably already know how frustrating it can be using some of the programs out there. Dubturbo was made for the beginner in mind and comes with video tutorials that walk you through the whole beat making process.

You definitely do NOT need to spend thousands of dollars on studio equipment and music gear either. Some people rush out and buy all the hardware and instruments they can afford only to find out they don’t need them. You have software these days so there is no need!

Now, just because we like using Dubturbo to make beats doesn’t mean it’s for everyone. That’s why we put together a list of the best beat making software here.

Don’t forget that discount I mentioned earlier if you are interested in Dubturbo 2.5 you’ll save $10 and get extra bonus kits. But hurry, I doubt it will last long.

Beat Maker

making some beats on computerIf you want to make beats like the pros then you need a serious beat maker or beat sequencer. Before you rush out and spend your money or download anything there is a few things you will need to consider. Your next move could determine if you make it or break it in the music industry.

When choosing a beat making program there is 3 key things you should look for –

  1. Features – Does the program come with the features you need to make the type of music you want? Will you need to buy extra plugins or extensions to get the full use of the program?
  2. Sounds – There is nothing worse than buying a beat maker and it doesn’t come with enough sounds and effects! Choose a program that already has 1000’s of sounds built-in.
  3. User-Friendly – Many people fail because the software they choose is to difficult to use. Some programs can be so overwhelming that it frustrates the hell out of you! Make sure it comes with video tutorials or a good manual so you can learn as you go.’

One more thing to think about is affordability. These days, you do NOT have to pay hundreds of dollars for music software. You can buy a good beat sequencer or beat making software that has everything you need for under $50.

Our Recommendations For Beat Maker Software – Under $50

#1 – Best Choice And Value For MoneyDubturbo 4.0 Click Here For Official Site

#2 – BTV SOLO Music Production SoftwareClick To Visit Official Site

#3 – Sonic Producer V2.0Click Here To Visit Official Site


Dubturbo 2.5

Dubturbo Screenshots

The reason why Dubturbo is so popular is because it has all the features, sounds and effects at such an affordable price. For a beat maker under $40 here is a short list of what you get –

  • 16 Track Sequencer 
  • 10 Pad Drum Machine
  • 4 Octave Keyboard
  • 5 VST’s and a Sampler(Samploid)
  • 1000’s of Sounds and Effects Built-in
  • Video Training Tutorials – Shows You Step By Step How To Make Beats
  • Make Any Style Of Music (See Below)
  • Plus HEAPS MORE….Click Here For Full Features

It’s also one of the most user-friendly beat makers out there and this is the main reason I recommend it to those just starting out. You can literally make pro sounding beats in MINUTES..

You Can Easily Make Any Modern Genre Of Music!

dirty south & crunk
disco/ funk/blues
world music
movie music
chillout + More!

Make loops or full tracks this beat sequencer software can do it all!

For a full list of more beat making software check out our top 5 best beat makers

Best Beat Maker Under $40

Beat Software






Dubturbo 2.5 stars Review Visit <-
BTVSolo Music Production Software stars Review Visit <-
Sonic Producer V2 4stars Review Visit <-
Mega Music Maker stars Review Visit <-

On a budget but want the best value for money? Don’t worry we have you covered! Here is a list of the best beat makers under $40.

Why spend 100’s of dollars on music software when you can pay less for something that does the same job? Seriously, the beat making programs listed above can do what pro music software can and the best part is, they are all way easier to use.

Don’t bother with free beat making software! You want to make good beats right? Well you’re going to have to spend some money.