Top Beat Making Software

Every music software company claims to have the best beat making software but which ones are really worth your money?

Below are some highly recommended beat making software that you can download and install on your computer.


BTVSolo Music Production Software
(Works on both Mac and PC computers)
Price: Click Here For Price

Software like this makes music production so damn easy. BTVSolo is a little more expensive but is well worth the money. The great thing is, you don’t need to be some talented musician to make professional sounding beats.

Now anyone on any level can unleash their inner talent and create stunning music just like the pros. BTVSolo has way to many features to list but is definitely one of the best beat making software on the market today.

For a full list of features click here

DUB Turbo Website Header

Dub Turbo – DAW Beat Maker
(Works on both Mac and PC computers)
Price: $39.95 via

Dub Turbo is one of the best beat making programs because it is both easy to use and affordable. Comes fully loaded with professional sounding sound kits and effects plus also lets you import your own, so your music will never get boring.

Audio editing is a breeze using this software with it’s user friendly interface and navigation. Dub Turbo was developed by a music producer so you know it has what you need to get the job done.

You would think top beat making software like this would be fairly expensive but Dub Turbo is very affordable selling for around $40. Most music software and beat making programs sell for hundreds of dollars, but Dub Turbo’s goal is to make making music affordable for everyone.

For a full list of features click here

FL Studio 10

FL Studio 10
(Works on both Mac and PC computers)
Price: $199

Everyone has heard of FL Studio, if not then it’s possible you’ve been hiding in a cave. Fully equipped music production software that has features to make any style of music.

Search and you will find thousands of FL Studio video tutorials. In saying that, this software is fairly hard to use and understand but if you master it, the possibilities are endless.

You can pick up the producers edition for $199 which is fairly reasonable for professional beat making software like this.

For a full list of features click here

What is the best beat making software?

This will depend on your personal needs but here are some tips when buying beat maker software

  1. Ease of Use– If you’re new to making beats then you’re going to want something that is easy to use. Some software like FL Studio 10 does have a lot of advanced features and will take a lot of learning.Make sure there are plenty of video tutorials and instructions so you can learn how to use the program without giving up from frustration.
  2. Not all beat makers are created equal – Most music software will come loaded with lots of sounds and samples but some don’t. There is nothing worse than buying software then having to buy sound kits, sounds and samples so you can make your beats.Check to see if the software already comes with kits installed. This way you can get started as soon as you download or install.
  3.  Does it come with a money back guarantee?– This is a must to watch out for. These days just about all product you buy online will have a money back guarantee but not always. Check on the website to see if it has a 30 or 60 day money back guarantee.If you don’t like it, request a refund. You deserve to get what you have payed for so if you’re not happy with the software get your money back and find something that you like.

Those are just 3 simple tips to look out for. Do your research before buying anything online. The software above are all safe and highly recommended plus come with money back guarantee but do look into them to see which is right for you.

One persons thoughts on the best beat making software could be way different to your opinion so it is worth the research.

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