What Is So Good About Dubturbo

adam - authorThere is a lot buzz lately of this music beats making software in the community as one of the innovative invention that allows everyone from total newbie to veteran beats maker to make their own high quality beats from the computer. You are right! The software I was talking about is DUBturbo.

Well, DUBturbo has become an indispensible tool that helps me to create a variety of music beats with ease since I started using it a few months ago. Here are some of the goodies I love about this software.

The main Dubturbo Software – This is the main software with a user friendly interface that can be easily controlled to produce high quality beats. The software also comes with some royalty free music beats to get you started and music Protools to make any editing a lot easier.

dubturbo screenshot

You will also be allowed to access the members’ only area to download quality music instruments and keyboard lessons to discover more ways to creating unique beats.

DUBturbo Private Member Area – In the members’ only area, you can also access to various music tutorials and hands on exercises such as chord charts, rhythm exercises and more.

Besides, if you are stuck somewhere with the software you can always reach their support via email and expect a reply latest within 48 hours – most of the time within a few hours!

Dub turbos Video Learning Tutorials & Documentation –  I must confess that making my own beats has been my dream all this while but has never actually touches any type of beats making software.

So I was really worried that I might not be able to create beats of my style using it. But I was wrong because the video tutorials and manual was so clear that I managed to create my own high quality beats the same day I use it.

I am pleasantly surprised with the clear cut tutorials that detailed various aspects about beats making that could have take months and probably years to learn for some people.
Although DUBturbo is relatively new in the beat making industry, it has received a lot of positive reviews already. I am sure you will be pleased to have it.

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