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How do I download and install Dubturbo after buying it?

  1. You must login to your members area from the link at the top of the Dubturbo website
  2. Your login details are emailed to you after purchasing. Your username is your email, and password is the invoice # you get from clickbank, and looks like this: FED5735JX < That is your password, once you are inside please follow along:
  3. Click ‘download/install’ – You will see a video on the download/install page that outlines each step carefully so you can follow along.
  4. You must download the software to your machine if you plan on using it locally, if you want to use the web version simply login above and click on the ‘online version’ button.
  5. After following along with the video installation guide you should be good to go.

If you download and your software won’t open or install, you’ll need to make sure you have the latest version of the AdobeAir plugin which you can get here: http://get.adobe.com/air/

If adobe air causes you problems, here are links to a few known solutions:


Please also make sure your computer opens the Dubturbo .air file with AdobeAir and not AdobeReader. Some computers will open .air files with AdobeReader by default. The .air file must be opened with the AdobeAir plugin.

 Click, Hold And Drag Feature Not Working

When creating a bar make sure you have the pencil tool selected and click and hold down on the mouse button while dragging the bar all the way across as if you are dragging it off the screen.

Alternatively, you can simply make sure you set your bar count to 4, then draw half way and that will be the same as drawing all the way on 2 bars.

Dubturbo Freezes or Makes My Computer Not Respond?

Not all computers are created equal, some have more memory than others and some are more powerful than others. Dubturbo should run smoothly on most computers but if you do have trouble please give some of the machine tweaks in the members area under faqs and support a try.

These tweaks have helped those who have had the same issue as you with the program freezing or not responding. Please login using your login details and navigate to the faqs & support page.

If you continue to have trouble, contact Dubturbo support – Contact details in members area.

Dubturbo not looping properly – Lag at the end of a loop?

Unfortunately with some computers there can be a bit of a lag in the end of the loop that fluctuates as you change tempo or as you add/erase notes near the end of your bar/loop. (Developers are working on this for the next update)

Quick Fixes: Simply grow your bar count out to 4 or 8 or 16 or 32 and copy your bars over across the full timeline by holding shift and drag/dropping the bars. Changing tempo slightly tends to help sometimes.

Adding a note temporarily or erasing a note temporarily near the end of your pattern may also help.

Dubturbo VST Questions And Answers 

What is a VST?

It is a virtual instrument that is used within VSThosts such as cubase, logic audio, pro tools, ableton, etc. There are many free vst host sequencers if you cannot afford the big boys yet.

Most Common:

Here is a link to free vst hosts compiled into a nice list.

Once installed, the sequencer will have a VST folder, you will simply put all the vst files and folders into this VST folder, and the vst’s will act as plugins for the host. There are two types of vst’s:

VST: these are usually effects, synths, etc.
VSTi: These are usually sample based instruments/samplers, etc.

Dubturbo gives you both within its set of 5 VST(i) components.

Can I use the VST’s inside the normal dub turbo program?

No – the vst’s are ONLY meant for sequencers and DAW’s that act as vst hosts. The standalone player is only meant for standalone use. Most often beginners get used to our standalone until they fully understand and cap it out, then move into actual DAW/sequencers that enable VST’s as they transition into pro gear and the pro version of dub turbo.

Is the VST set midi enabled?

Absolutely, once you’ve setup your sequencer and imported your VST’s, everything is midi enabled AND everything is also readable/writeable (meaning you can record changes you make during playback like volume changes, effects fading in and out, etc. Once applied, you can see the components volume knobs and effects sliders moving on their own (known as automation).

Do I need a keyboard to play music on?

Nope – though you SHOULD want to eventually evolve into using either a keyboard or a drum machine or a unit that has both, and this is now known as your ‘controller’ that controls are your VST’s and enables your midi path.

Do I need an after market sound card?

Nope – but again – your doing REAL pro audio now and you’re using huge files with software that eats away at your CPU, so having pro gear without grabbing a pro soundcard makes little sense.

You can grab a Steinberg CI2 for pretty cheap and it makes your audio world come to life 10 fold (you’ll later understand what latency and lag means, and how a real sound card mitigates your lag, and greatly improves response times for all your audio aps not just your vst host or the dub turbo standalone).

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  1. damon clayton

    i downloaded dt2 and when i open it it opens but there is no buttons on there like file save as or options etc. i see them appear on youtube videos but there are no drop down buttons on the top of mine

    1. admin Post author

      Hi there damon,

      If you’re using a macbook or small screen laptop simply rotate your screen. You can do this with a mac following these instructions – http://osxdaily.com/2010/12/28/rotate-mac-screen-orientation/

      Windows laptop – http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_7-desktop/how-do-i-rotate-screen-display-90-degrees-im/dd345c6e-de42-e011-9bac-78e7d160ad4e

      Hope this helps if not please email support@dubturbo.com and they will assist you further and much faster.


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