Become A Music Producer

Become A Music ProducerAre you ready to be the next big Music Producer?

Are You Tired of listening to beats on the radio knowing that

You Can Do Better?

Do you have insane beat ideas but no way to express them?

If you answered yes to any or all of these questions


Each Of These Awesome Beats were done in under 10 min using DUBturbo

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So, what is DubTurbo you ask?

DubTurbo is the most powerful DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) In its Price range. Designed with the Novice in mind, yet powerful enough for the pros.

So, what’s a Digital Audio Workstation?

A DAW is computer software designed with one thing in mind, reproducing sound. In the form of Music, sound FX, vocals, or anything else that you can Hear. Some of the top end DAW’s such as Pro Tools and logic (to name a couple) Can run you a pretty hefty Price tag, anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand dollars for a full professional set up.

Not to mention that along with the DAW your going to need a lot of external hardware as well such as midi keyboards and other Sound generation devices, recording hardware and enough wires to drive you insane (Trust me, I been there).
So what makes DUBturbo different?

DUBturbo was designed with the lil guy in mind. That’s you, no special hardware is needed at all. Once you have it downloaded, you can immediately start producing.

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