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make beatsNeed a quality backing track fast for your music project? Dubturbo provides and online service that allows you to generate and save professional beats right on your own computer.

1. Making Beats on Your Computer
The mixing interface on the site is extremely user friendly. Simply select your sounds from the hundreds of options available and drop them into the sequencer. You can adjust volumes and rhythms until you get exactly the sound you want.

You can also use the virtual drum pads and keyboard to enter music into your mix or attach your own instrument to your computer and play your beats “live”. Changing the tempo is as simple as typing in a new BPM number. Hit the play back button and hear your new creation immediately.

2. Save to Disc
Just because you are creating your beats online, you do not have to say goodbye to them as soon as you shut down your computer. Once you have the track constructed the way you like it, you can save it to your computer as a high quality mp3, ready for use live or in a home recording setting.

3. Online Tutorials
Dubturbo is easy to use, but you may still have questions. No worries! You can tap into their online resources and learn the ropes of the programme with assistance from their help centre. If you are a computer genius and less savvy musically speaking, Dubturbo can help with that too. You can learn to play piano and understand musical relationships by tapping into the site’s theory and performance lesson resources.

4. Low Cost
Most studios charge big money to get one day’s or even one hour’s worth of time. Membership to Dubturbo with access to all of the services the site offers is less than $34USD! Try getting everything you ever wanted to get done in a studio for that! It is well worth the minimal fee to have the ability to create unlimited tracks with the sounds, quality, and freedom you need to make professional beats!

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Download Dubturbo 4.0 Here <<===

Dubturbo is an amazing service that any musician cannot afford to ignore! Making beats on your computer has never been more simple and professional!
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