How To Create A Good Beat

picture of me reviewing Dubturbo 2.5Think of your top 5 favourite songs. Now think of five other hits that you personally didnt like much but they were hits anyway. What do these ten songs have in common? Well, you remembered them – all hits are memorable.

Sounds obvious I know but if you want to have a commercial success with your creations then they have to be memorable. You know what I mean, the kind of song that you just cant get out of your head. Maybe you forget the lyrics with time, but the tune, the melody, the beat, stays with you forever.

So how do the top writers and producers create memorable hits? Well they start with the sound – it is the defining element of the hit and is sometimes referred to by the professionals as a ‘grab’.

A grab is generally a single instrument sound layed down in a repeating pattern that is simple and unique. For example you may choose a piano repeating in a pattern like this ..

11 22 33 22 – 11 22 33 22

A strong grab is SIMPLE – don’t over complicate it because it will not work! Use as few notes as possible and repeat.

Now whichever way you lay down your tracks – instruments then drums – or the other way round, you need to identify the ‘dull’ spots. The Dulls are the areas of the track where no other instruments are in play (other than drums).

These are the sweet spots for laying down your grab sounds. In practice the dulls may have some instruments in play, but are soft enough so as not to overpower the grab instument.


dubturbo imageIf you want a good beat creator for your PC or Mac I recommend DUBturbo – it is a full featured music producer software suite and comes with great samples and instructional videos. DUBturbo Music Producer Software

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