How To Make Hip Hop Beats

Love hip hop or rap music?

meEver wondered how you can make your own hip hop beats just like the pros?

If you’ve always wanted to make your own beats but thought it was to hard then this article might shock you! I’m going to share a secret that a lot of producers have kept hidden.

See, most people get to the stage where you are right now – they have the passion, the ideas and music in their blood but get a little put off because they think making beats is a difficult task or they think you have to spend thousands of dollars on studio gear to sound pro.

The truth is, you don’t need no fancy studio to make your own beats! Making hip hop or rap beats can all be done on your computer or laptop using beat making software.

In my opinion the best beat making software to get started with is Dubturbo. It only costs $39.95 and has all the features, sounds and functionality to create amazing music in any genre like hip hop, rap, reggae, techno and even dubstep.

Dubturbo Screenshots↓↓↓↓↓↓
Download Dubturbo 4.0 Here!

Once you download and install Dubturbo, you’ll have your own mini studio right on your computer. No need for expensive instruments, keyboards or drum kits because Dubturbo has thousands of sounds and samples built-in.

You have drum kits, keyboard, samplers, sequencers and everything you need to make those hip hop beats. And if you’ve never made a beat before, Dubturbo comes with free video tutorials that teach you how to use the software and shows step by step how to create beats from start to finish.

Once you’ve made your beat, simple save and burn it to a disc or usb. That way you can show it off to friends and family or do what I do and sell your beats online for money.

It really isn’t hard to make hip hop beats, you just need the right tools and Dubturbo is one of the best. Watch the video below to see Dubturbo in action…

How To Make Dirty Hip Hop Beats With Dubturbo 4.0

Download Dubturbo 4.0 Here!

Imagine what you could do with this software? Hopefully after reading this article and watching the video above, you will now see that making beats is not that hard at all.

Just about every producer is using software these days because you can do so much more with the technology.

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  1. Ty From TDKP

    I just started using Dubturbo 2.0 on my computer, can I download and install it on my laptop as well?
    Thanks for all the tips guys your videos are very helpful.

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