Make Your Own Beats

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You wanna make your own chart topping beats right?

If so then this article might change your life, because what I’m about to tell you changed my life and netted me over $30k in 6months!

Have you ever listened to a song on the radio or on your ipod and just started nodding your head to the beat, thinking wow this beat really is cool, wish I could make something like that?

Well these days you can and it’s pretty easy. You can make your own beats using beat making software and the best software for beginners is Dubturbo (Click Here To Check It Out).

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It’s software like this that makes making music easy and fun!

Now just about anyone can make their own beats because all you need is a computer, Dubturbo and some creativity. No skills no worries, most music software including Dubturbo comes with full training videos and instructions on how to use the software.

The training videos literally walk you through the steps needed to create your first beat showing you basic to advance beat patterns. You can make loops or full bars plus if you use a midi or keyboard you can hook it up to your software and be as creative as you like.

The other good thing about beat maker software like Dubturbo is, the feature to add you own samples. So, if you want to create your own kits it’s as easy as importing your kits into the software by following along with the video tutorial.

Now, you might think that software like this will set you back a few hundred bucks but Dubturbo is online a fraction of the price. See you don’t have to spend big to sound awesome these days because music software can be downloaded and that means bigger saving because there is no shipping.

So if you’re new to music production and you want to get started making some banging beats then Dubturbo is perfect. The reason I keep saying go for Dubturbo is because that’s how I got started and I still use the software to this day.

I’ve made over $30,000 by selling the music and loops I’ve made using Dubturbo in as little time as six months. Imagine what you could do with that kind of money as some spare cash from doing something you might even call a hobby. I have friends that are better marketers than I am and they make 5 times as much as me.

Now there is facebook, twitter and all the social networking sites getting the word out about your music is so much easier – and cheaper!
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  1. DJ VEVA

    Nice write up dude. I’ve been making beats with your software for about 6months and love it! I’m also a member of AudioDaddy and just started making money selling my beats. Very happy customer 😀

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