Using An Online Beat Maker

Ah, The Magic Of The Online Beat Maker!

making some beats on computerWhen you want to make great beats in a short amount of time, you want to find the best beat making software you can.

But, can you really do this without spending a fortune? Can you really make something of yourself without the help of a producer?

Here are some of the reasons why I decided to make music online instead of with an actual music software program.

I love hip hop beats. I know that, soon, I will be a master hip hop beat maker. Why? Because I have drive and talent.

You might be thinking, “I have those things too!”. So I say you could make beats online just like I do.

In fact, you could be making your own hiphop beats far sooner than I was if you head straight to your computer and internet instead of to teachers and producers with studio time running into thousands of dollars.

First things first… the alternative to using an online beat maker is using beat making software that you download right onto your computer.

This sort of software, like Reason, is costly. Plus, you have no idea if you really like the software before you try it out. As you know, buying software from the local music store is not something you do just to “try something out”.

There are no returns on items like this. So you fork over your hard earned cash on these types of beat makers, and you end up chucking it along the side of the road towards hip hop greatness.

An investment in your future; yes. A costly mistake; yes.

There’s something special about making music; something very primitive and instinctual. You don’t want your software program getting in the way of your creative process!

me - make beats with meThis can be an issue with some programs. Even with an online beat maker, you may find the actual process complicated due to the software you chose to use.

The difference between online beat making software and software bought at the store is that you don’t spend money unnecessarily.

Online beat maker programs are far less expensive and give the beginning hip hop beat maker a chance to try out new things on a budget. What you want when you sit down to make music is simplicity.

I use DUBturbo these days, it gives you the option to use both online and offline – you can download it too!

All You Need To Make Beats - Computer, Speakers & Software.You want to get what’s in your head out so the world can see what you’ve got. Complicated software can compare to a simple (and low cost) beat maker download.

Having the ability to make music online with down loadable beat making software is great – unless of course it interferes with the process of making music.

When I talk about simplicity, and I talk about the ways music is made, you might question just a little bit how this can blend with today’s technology. See, it used to be that we jammed with actual guitars, keyboards and drums and such.

Now, almost any sound you want to create can be done using the computer. So, when searching out the best possible beat making software, you want to be able to recreate the nature of making music.

There should be plenty of sounds to choose from, and a few ways to create those sounds.

You might want to use the mouse to tap pads for drum beats, or hit piano-like keys to insert instrumental beats that chime in your head. This should all be available to you in the software that you choose.

Don’t mess around with less than stellar equipment.

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