Use Your Computer To Make Beats

Make Beats With Dubturbo 2.5Looking for a way to turn your computer into a beat making machine that allows you to make super cool beats instantly? Using a music program like Dubturbo 2.5 you can use your computer to make beats just like the pros.

All you need is your computer, a computer keyboard, mouse, some speakers(standard computer speakers will do) and beat making software like Dubturbo. For a list of the best beat makers check out this page.

Once you have those 5 things it’s as easy as downloading and installing the software. Once installed you can start making beats on your pc or mac.

Dubturbo 2.5 would have to be the easiest and most affordable but it really is up to you which beat maker you choose.

How To Make Beats On Your Computer With Dubturbo

Following along with the Dubturbo videos you will learn how to make your own hip hop, rap, dubstep, dance and even reggae and techno beats.

The main reason I recommend Dubturbo is because it’s probably the most easiest to use. If you are a more skilled musician then you could try more expensive software like FL Studio or Reason.

These days, you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on studio equipment and you definitely don’t have to spend hundreds on music software. For under $100 you can turn that laptop, pc or mac into a mini powerhouse.

Everything else is really up to you and how creative you can get. If you don’t go with any of the software I have mentioned always make sure it comes with enough sounds and effects plus the features you need to make the kind music you want to make.

Programs like Dubturbo, BTV Solo and FL Studio all come pre-loaded with thousands of sounds and have an amazing list of features so you can make just about any style of music.

Enjoy 😀

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