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adam - authorI have been DJing and promoting events for 10 years and qualified with a degree in Music Industry Management in 2002.

I have had sets in Amsterdam’s ‘Sensation’ events, Jakarta’s ‘The Stadium’, Reading’s ‘Alley Cats’ and have produced tracks for Waxy Records. I have a few tips on software and books that have made an impression on me…

As a former Cubase VST user, I found DUBturbo a lot easier and faster to get to grips with. Super User Friendly! Its got all the features I need to make beats for adding a little extra personal touch to my DJ sets. 16 track sequencer, tempo adjustment, sampler options and many many sounds appropriate for the clubber.

Easy to use with many music production video lessons and tutorials on the software – you will be up and running in no time. I like DUBturbo because you can sell your music, run online or on your mac or pc. It can make great beats and mix tracks. With a MASSIVE sample library this is an all in one package for all music makers – beginner or experienced!

I recommend Dubturbo to all my students and friends!

Thanks, Adam Mathews.


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