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We post video tutorials on how to make your own beats using beat making software plus post cool music videos from around the web so if you’re into making beats then the video pages to your right may interest you.

It’s always easier to learn something especially music by watching videos or watching someone else do it rather than read tutorials. We hope you enjoy the videos we post and if you do please feel free to share them on facebook, twitter and sites alike.

Dubturbo Video

Think making your own beats is hard?

Think again because Dubturbo makes it EASY!

Watch this easy to follow Dubturbo video to find out just how easy it really is to make your own beats using just your computer keyboard and mouse. You’ll be amazed at what’s possible. Imagine what kind of beats you can make!

Click Here =>> Download and Try Dubturbo 4.0 (NEW VERSION AVAILABLE)

Check out some of the cool features –

  • Export 44.1 Stereo Sound (studio quality!)
  • Draw in your beats with ease
  • Sick drum sequencer
  • 1000′s of samples, beats, and sounds!
  • Record and use your computer keyboard as a real keyboard.
  • much much more…..Click Here To See Full Feature List

Here Are A Few Reasons to Download Dubturbo 2.0

  1. Start producing your own studio quality beats in minutes just like the pros!
  2. Works on both pc & mac computers, laptops ect.. (you don’t need a supercomputer!)
  3. Your friends and family will be amazed from the beats you make!
  4. Super affordable – Voted best beat making software under $40

Once you’ve downloaded the software you’ll also have access to a bunch of Dubturbo video tutorials just like the one above.

Learn how to make beats that you can sell! That’s right, you’re going to learn exactly how to make money selling your beats and trust me it’s a LOT easier than you think!

Using beat making software like Dubturbo is also a great way to learn how to make music because the software also teaches you about timing, pattern building, tempo and a whole bunch of stuff and because it’s also fun to use, you wont even realize you’re learning.